Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - RTR Pro Entertainment

What makes you different than other DJ's out there?

We do a few things different than other DJ's:

  • For weddings, all of our reception packages have an unlimited time frame for that day.  So basically you will have to kick us out to get us to go home (kidding) but we do this in order to take some of the stress of vendor time limits off of you.
  • All of our lighting wedding reception packages include a two-man team: one DJ and one MC.  So now the DJ can focus on cueing up songs and reading the room, while the MC is out working the crowd and interacting with your guests.
  • We are also licensed and insured.

Do you only do weddings?

No.  We also service birthday parties, proms, corporate events, holiday parties, engagement parties, formals, house parties, church events, school dances, family reunions, cookouts, and everything in between.

What do you require to book an event?

For all weddings and private parties, we require a signed contract and deposit.  For corporate events, we only require a signed contract.

Do you have any add ons or additional services?

Yes! We currently provide karaoke systems, smoke machines, confetti cannons, bubble machines, snow machines, spotlights, disco balls, uplighting, and custom monogram lights.  Plus, we are always open to expanding so if there is something that you are interested in, do not hesitate to ask us!

Do we have to provide you with a full playlist?

We play from a general playlist that includes hundreds of songs but if you would like to supply a list of "Must Plays", we will obviously add that in and alter our list to match your style and vibe perfectly.

Do you take requests?

We love to take requests and to make sure every guest gets their favorite song played and we are also able to pull almost every song out there at any time.

How did you get into the DJ business?

Daniel actually began DJ'ing in 2016 with a buddy as a way to make some extra cash because he had a knack for creating a fun time.  In 2019, we became a licensed business and we are so blessed with how incredibly fast it has taken off.  All glory goes to God!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are!  If your venue requires vendor paperwork proving the above, we can absolutely take care of that.