Daniel Barnett

Owner & Emcee

Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Daniel has had a passion for DJ'ing, MC'ing, party and production since childhood.  Whether it be through dancing, crowd surfing, mosh pits, Daniel will have all of your guests out of their seats and on to the dance floor.  Daniel's favorite part about RTR is getting to meet and interact with so many different people.

Fun Fact: Daniel is an avid art collector with over 10 Daniel Moore Alabama football paintings.

Katie Smith

Contracts Manager / Marketing Coordinator

As second in command at RTR, Katie has loved coming alongside to make RTR as efficient and effective as possible.  She is responsible for all business, marketing, and communication for RTR.  She often partners with event coordinators and brides to make their day perfect.  Katie's favorite part of RTR Pro Entertainment is having party guests come up to her so thankful for RTR.

Fun Fact: Katie has an adopted brother and plans on adopting herself.

Isaac Walz


Isaac joined our team in 2018 and has been a vital part ever since.  We like to consider him our jack of all trades who knows a little about everything and keeps us running smooth.  Isaac is originally from Louisiana and moved to Hamilton, Alabama, where he currently resides, in 2017.  Isaac says that his favorite part about DJ'ing for RTR Pro Entertainment is being able to bring good quality entertainment to every event and party.

Fun Fact: Isaac considers himself a sneaker head with multiple pairs of shoes in his closet.

Hershel Tainter


Hershel is the newest member of the RTR Pro Entertainment team, but is no newbie to the disc jockey world.  In fact, he has DJ'ed for different businesses in Arkansas all growing up.  Hershel currently lives in Hamilton, Alabama, with his wife, Tegan, and their dog, Bear.  Hershel's favorite part about DJ'ing for RTR is the looks on people's faces when he plays their favorite songs.

Fun Fact: Hershel applied for the CIA straight out of high school.